About us

About us

Ishtara Jewellery has stood as a leading Jewellery brand in the Singaporean market for over 30 years. A fusion of the sanskrit words “Ishq” meaning Love and “tara” meaning Star, Ishtara brings designs that honour the beauty of woman. Through our exceptional understanding of the customer’s needs, we have been able to deliver the perfect synthesis of Quality, Craftsmanship and excellent Customer service, excelling the brand to be a leader in the jewellery industry. The brand Ishtara was the first Singaporean Jeweller to carry the prestigious title of the World Diamond Mark.

Ishtara offers a wide range of stunningly crafted pieces in Gold, Diamonds, Gemstones and Silver. The brand truly believes in satisfying ever customer’s needs with superior quality and exceptional service.

Vision & Mission

: To be the leading jewellery brand catering to the niche market in Singapore and provide for the need of consumers with a full range of services and products.

: To deliver the best-in-class gold jewellery through our affordably priced, unique designs and contemporary range, catering to the needs of the middle class consumers and across all ages.

Chairman’s Message

What our client say
Malini was a sweet n amazing person... She served me well and im sure to come again soon to get more from you!!!
Subashini Subhash
One of the best and lowest price Gold in Singapore.
Abilash Ramnathan
We brought an earing from Ishtar a, sales lady was nice nd happy to show us different designs within getting annoyed.. Gold price were competitive..
Sachin Gairola
Good gold quality. Negotiate on making charges.
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About us

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